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One which is agent of a bunch in general: the squirrel, an example of a rodent; released each new phrase with examples of its use.

The use of algorithms in policing is one example in their escalating impact on our life. And, as their ubiquity spreads, so far too does The controversy all-around no matter if we should let ourselves to become so reliant on them – and who, if any one, is policing their use.

Relevance ranks synonyms and indicates the ideal matches dependant on how intently a synonym’s feeling matches the feeling you selected.

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An occasion (as a challenge to generally be solved) serving For example the rule or precept or to act as an physical exercise in the application of the rule.

An occasion (as a difficulty to become solved) serving As an example the rule or precept or to work as an training in the appliance of your rule.

/ɪɡˈzɑːmpəl/ noun 1. a specimen or instance that may be typical from the group or set of which it forms component; sample 2. a person, motion, matter, and so forth, that is deserving of imitation; sample: it's essential to established an example to your youthful little ones 3. a precedent, illustration of the basic principle, or design: an example within a maths guide four. a punishment or perhaps the recipient of the punishment serving or meant to serve as a warning: the headmaster built an example of him five.

These nouns refer to what's representative of or serves to clarify a bigger group or class. An example is usually a generally agent element that demonstrates the character of The complete: “From the despotism to which unrestrained armed service energy leads We now have plenty of examples from Alexander to Mao” (Samuel Eliot Morison). An instance is undoubtedly an example that may be cited to show or As an example a degree: an occasion of flagrant corruption.

a. A punishment given as a warning or deterrent: observed the boy's suspension as an example to all students contemplating breaking the rules.

one. Example, sample, specimen confer with a person phenomenon taken as agent of a kind, or to a part consultant of the whole. Example is made use of of an item, issue, and so on., that is assumed As an instance a certain basic principle or normal: a very good example of baroque architecture. Sample refers to a small percentage of a substance or to an individual agent of a group or kind that is meant to point out what the rest of the material or maybe the group is like: a sample of yarn.

Domains that happen to be described as registered to IANA or ICANN on plan grounds are certainly not readily available for registration or transfer, except for domains. These domains are offered for release via the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee Secretariat.

3. an occasion serving for illustration; specimen: The situation histories gave meticulously detailed examples of this disease.

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Specified domains are set aside, and nominally registered to “IANA”, for particular coverage or technological reasons.

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